Posted in February 2011

The colours of cyclone Atu

This photo was taken at about 6.40pm on Monday, just after the sun had set; the sky portrayed these amazing colours. The same thing happened the previous night, however I didn’t manage to get a photo of it, so when I noticed the colours coming out this evening, I went outside, camera in hand, sitting, … Continue reading

Friday night fire dancing!

We recently met this guy called Rik, who is absolutely an awesome, fun, energetic, lovable guy who is doing volunteer work at Wan Smol Bag Theatre. The last 2-3 weeks, Rik has been teaching and learning the art of fire dancing with some of the guys at Wan Smol Bag. They have been doing shows … Continue reading

16.2.11 – Clouds.

Today my photo of the day is of a cloud. This cloud looked quite amazing to me, and the photo that has been taken of it, does it hardly any justice. Nevertheless, here’s the photo that captured my thoughts this evening, as I realised that no cloud formation is ever the same. It moves, changes, … Continue reading

Olivia’s take on Valentine’s Day

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is ridiculous. It’s a stupid waste of time, money, effort and people ‘freaking out’ because they don’t know what to get their partner, or worse off, you’re single on a day like today, God forbid! Now before you go ahead and judge me and say I’m cynical or never been … Continue reading

A time for change. 2011.

So, I have just decided, that my other ‘blog’ is really a travel blog…so I’m going to keep that especially for when I go travelling and my adventures and all that jazz. Whereas this blog is going to be purely about me, my everyday life, thoughts, memories, advice, anything and everything you can think of. … Continue reading