A time for change. 2011.

So, I have just decided, that my other ‘blog’ is really a travel blog…so I’m going to keep that especially for when I go travelling and my adventures and all that jazz. Whereas this blog is going to be purely about me, my everyday life, thoughts, memories, advice, anything and everything you can think of. I’ll try and update it as much as I can, however at the moment I’m quite busy, and sometimes, I just generally forget!
So this is my first post for the new year, with plenty more to come. Also, if you’re interested in reading about any of my travel entries, the link for that blog is: http://www.travelpod.com/members/ilovetheworld


Ah, so It’s that time of year again that we look back on the last 12 months and reflect on our actions, decisions, the people we met, the friends we lost, the laughs, the tears, the changes, and everything in between. Along comes another year and its time to make some new years resolutions, to break them, to learn from the previous year, to grow, to love, to open yourself to more opportunities and take every day as it comes.

Every year I set out to make new years resolutions, and to be honest, they are all relatively the same, lose weight, get fit and healthy, and learn to love and enjoy life more, be happy, yada yada yada. And I figured, that the more you make…the more you break. And then the end of the year comes around, and you haven’t done anything that you’ve wanted to. So this year, I’m sticking to one resolution, and I’m going to try my hardest to stick to it like never before. It’s only simple. But for me it means a lot. I need to learn how to make decisions. So that’s what I aim to do. Of course I’m going to continue to live my life to the max and be happier rather than sad and to love more and to smile more etc etc. But my main goal for this year – is decision making. I’m not the type of person who makes goals and sets out to achieve them, I don’t know why; I’ve just never been that way. I rather take every step as it comes and change paths when and how I need to, no expectations, no pre-planned life of when I’ll get married and how many children I want, just hope that it will all fall into place exactly how I want it at the right time. Life after all, is just a ride and you cannot predict or force how your life will turn out, you just let it run its course. This year is a little different though. I’ve decided to set myself small, but significant goals. Simple things. And only for a couple of months ahead, nothing drastic like in 5 years I plan to have my first child, just things like what my next step will be in 3 months time. I think I owe it to myself to have some sort of structure so I don’t keep falling and losing myself over and over again. As much fun as it is to be spontaneous and to take whatever comes your way (believe me, I’ll keep doing this), but I just need to figure out a few things for myself first. I need to find my passion. I need to love and be strong and confident with everything. I need to be me.

I have more, much more to say…but no time right now…stay tuned…


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