Olivia’s take on Valentine’s Day

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is ridiculous. It’s a stupid waste of time, money, effort and people ‘freaking out’ because they don’t know what to get their partner, or worse off, you’re single on a day like today, God forbid!

Now before you go ahead and judge me and say I’m cynical or never been in a relationship, or whatever it is you have to say, first, hear me out. Then you can judge and by all means, you’re most welcome to offer your own opinions on this matter. I’d be happy to hear it.

Firstly, you don’t need society telling you that on this specific day, you should go out, buy your partner a silly gift that they’re not going to use, or probably even like! You don’t need society to tell you that on this day you must declare your love for that person around the corner that you like but have been too afraid to talk to. Just do it any old day! Why must you wait until the 14th of February to do so? Who remembers the good old saying “live today as if you’ll die tomorrow”? What if you died before Feb 14 one year and didn’t get a chance to tell the person that you loved, that you loved them? I say tell them on the 22nd of August, tell them on the 3rd of May, tell them whenever you feel the need to tell them. What have you got to lose?

Now I might be a little off the mark in my not knowing the exact origin of Valentine’s Day, but all I see it today is just another sham for card businesses, florists, and chocolate shops to get people to spend more money on roses, heart-shaped chocolates and little teddy bears with misspelled words on them e.g. “I wuv you”. How lame is that?! Not to mention the uprise of pricing on these items on this particular day. Gees, I would prefer my partner to buy me a rose on the day after Valentine’s Day (or any other day) where the prices aren’t jacked up by 20-50%!

Again, before you go ahead and jump to the conclusion that I must not have been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day before, I have. And here’s another reason why I dislike this day. Being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day means you and your partner feel obliged to get one another a gift, or perform some sort of romantic gesture. But how I see it, is that because they feel obliged to get you something, it takes away the appeal of surprise and romance, it gives the sense that it’s not coming from the thoughtfulness of their own heart, they’re only doing it because it’s been embedded into our brains that this day must be romantic and it’s the ‘norm’. I was with this guy who, on Valentine’s Day bought me a beautiful necklace, I loved it. However I kept thinking that he got it out of necessity because it was Valentine’s Day, not because he actually wanted to give me something nice. In return, I hadn’t gotten him anything! Which make me look and feel like a really horrible person! Am I?  So I say, screw the ‘norm’. I’d be much more surprised and happier to receive flowers and chocolate on a completely random day that you’re not expecting it!

On the other end of the scale, what about all the single people out there that don’t have a Valentine? Way to make them feel like shit and unloved! I can imagine in a co-ed high school how much of a popularity contest it must be, to see who got the most Valentine’s cards and gifts, and to see who are the ‘losers’ who got none. Whereas I believe that deep down, everyone is worth a million dollars to someone else and if you’re single, you don’t need to be reminded that you haven’t found that person yet. But to those who haven’t found that someone, don’t lose faith, and you should always know that one day, you will be loved. You won’t need an absurd day to remind yourself that you should tell your partner that you love them. You should be doing it on a weekly or daily basis! Even if it’s a simple gesture in offering to do their chores for a change, or offering them a massage when you can tell they need it. Don’t rely on the world telling you how to live your life and what you should be doing.

I obviously know that what I’ve said isn’t going to change anything and Valentine’s Day is going to stay how it is and people are still going to pay ridiculous amounts of money on stupid gifts, but I just wanted to put my opinion out there and make some other people aware that they shouldn’t feel alone or helpless on a day like today if you’re single.

Now, if anyone has anything to say in response to my rant, or anyone wants to agree, challenge or question by thoughts and beliefs on this matter, please, be my Valentine.


3 thoughts on “Olivia’s take on Valentine’s Day

  1. I must say that speaking from the perspective of someone who is in a relationship, i agree 100% with what you are saying. Out of all the Valentine’s days, this one felt to be the most pressured (if that even makes sense). I had no particular interest in celebrating the day but my partner did..and he did not directly say that to me but i could tell, he did not want me to feel left out of a society who seem to be completely consumed by this particular day!
    I refused to go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money and instead stated why not have a home cooked meal together. So instead he made nachoes for me and we shared a bottle of wine. it was overall a beautiful night and he did put in a lot of effort, but at the same time you could see that despite being at a work meeting till late that night, he did not want to leave me having received no act or gift to reflect this day, so aside from being stressed and run down he still made a dinner for me. I would not have cared if i had of received nothing, we do this stuff all the time anyway. What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day anyway? to me, it should be renamed Excessive Consumer Day.

  2. Olivia I’m ringing Cupid at once to call Santa and tell him how naughty you have been this year and that you don’t deserve a Xmas present because your being such a hater for the big v day. If you hate over commercialized traditions then you must also have a thing against Santa and the Easter bunny. I would probably watch my back haha. Life would be so boring without tradition so I like it when people embrace special days. That is all! : ) xo

    • Haha I love you Kaye. But yes, I do in fact “dislike” the way Christmas and Easter etc are way over commercialised and I hate having to buy people shitty presents just because it’s Christmas. (refer to http://omasuino.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/a-non-christmas-christmas-post/) I just think that people should be able to feel like that should tell someone they love/like them any old day rather than having to wait on a special day to do it. If you get my drift…but I guess in saying that…yes I’ve been in a relationship on Valentine’s day…but I’ve never been “in love” on the day…if that makes sense? Maybe I’m just missing out on something…

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