My love for Multiculturalism

Ok, so I have kind of been avoiding writing lately. I’m not going to say that I’ve been busy – even though I have – I don’t want to use that excuse, because you should always create time for something that you enjoy. I’ve been avoiding it because I’ve had way too many thoughts and emotions running through my head and body that I can’t put on paper. Mostly because I don’t know how, secondly because I can’t due to the circumstances of the situations, so I want to clear my whole mind and write about something unrelated to anything that I’m going through. Which ends up with me sitting here at a really chill out, relaxed café in Port Vila, that I absolutely love to come to, for many reasons, and one of them, is that at times – like right now – I can sit here and take in all the differences of the world around me. I keep steering away from writing because I am attracted to listening in on a Chinese conversation that I can’t even understand, I’m drawn to the sun setting off into the distance as the café music is complementing my relaxed mood and the love I have for this country. There is not a single person here that I know – which is strange in itself as this is such a small town it’s hard to go anywhere without knowing someone! – I gently close my eyes and for a moment I am in a totally different world. I am in India thanks to the music, I’m in China thanks to the wonderfully chatty girls on table close to me, I’m on a remote tropical island thanks to the sun setting over the calm blue ocean and the warm climate, I’m in Italy thanks to strong smell of amazing garlic and basil that is in the kitchen. I absolutely love different cultures and languages and scenery. I am so in love with this world, and I haven’t even seen a quarter of it! Sure I’ve been many more places than some people, and I’m extremely lucky, but for me, it’s still not enough. There is so much more to that I want to see and experience. There is so much beauty in the world – thanks Macy Gray, you’re totally right. I hope every now and then, people can take some timeout to sit, relax and soak up their surroundings, and like me, be in a different country for a few minutes. That’s all it takes. Just a few minutes.

Well I’m off to enjoy a piping hot pizza and a cool, freshly squeezed juice while letting myself go into the music.

Apologies for not having many photo’s of the day either. Here is one while I was sitting at Nambawan (the café) watching the sunset, before they started their Sunday night movie.That’s another thing I adore about Nambawan café. Three times a week they have movies out in the open. It’s so nice to be out in fresh air with beautiful surroundings, all while you’re watching a movie. I’m definitely going to miss doing this every week when I leave.


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