Lyrics for right now

Why didn’t I
hold you tighter than tighter?
How could I be so wrong?
You can’t hold on to what is already gone…

And I blame myself
If holding onto what I hope will keep you by my side
I will blame myself

The sheets are stained with
Memories of your soft kiss
Now this is all I have
Paper and pen
to remember you with

And I blame myself

Could I have you?
Can I have you?

I don’t want to wait
For our lives to be over
I want to know right know
What will it be
I don’t want to wait
For our lives to be over
Will it be yes or will it be


I’ve been watching your world from afar,
I’ve been trying to be where you are,
And I’ve been secretly falling apart,
I’ll see.
To me, you’re strange and you’re beautiful,
You’d be so perfect with me but you just can’t see,
You turn every head but you don’t see me.

Set me free, leave me be. I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity.


You know it ain’t easy
For these thoughts here to leave me
There’s no words to describe it
In French or in English

These feelings won’t go away
They’ve been knockin’ me sideways
I keep thinking in a moment that
Time will take them away
But these feelings won’t go away


Goodbye my almost lover
Goodbye my hopeless dream
I’m trying not to think about you
Can’t you just let me be
So you’re gone and i’m haunted
And i bet you are just fine
Did i make it that easy to walk
Right in and out of my life

Happiness, happiness is fine but its momentary
A momentary lapse of reality
Reality is fine, but for the moment it can wait
m addicted to the chase of my happiness

Oh, you probably won’t remember me
It’s probably ancient history
I’m one of the chosen few
Who went ahead and fell for you
I’m out of hope, I’m out of touch
I fell too fast, I feel too much


I just poured my heart out
there’s bits of it on the floor
And I take what’s left of it and rinse it under cold water
And call him up for more
And I say baby, yes I feel stupid to call you, but I’m lonely


So if we ever meet again and I’m standing here and you’re standing there
Would you do me a favour and don’t say what you wanna say
Would you take off that smile you do so well, don’t stand so close so I don’t catch your smell
And would you do your best not to stare at me cause I can’t breathe
When you’re there
I forget to breathe


And when you find everything you looked for
I hope your life leads you back to my door
Oh, but if it don’t,
stay beautiful

Am I falling apart?
Is this falling in love, am I going insane?
You scratched out my heart
You scratched out my heart, you etched on my brain

Every day, right from the start
When I showed you my hand, I gave you my heart
Falling in love, feeling alive
Clear as to mud, I’m blue as your eyes, blue as your eyes

self destruct in 5 4 3 2
one last kiss and then goodbye, cause I…
I can’t be here anymore


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