Same same, but different.

The following was copied from my travel blog, so apologies for it being a boring recount of my holiday. Though it is still an update on my life recently and I hope you enjoy.

Our Christmas was a little different this (last) year. We had a few extra ring-ins on our end, and of course Prue and Callum’s little baby bump, and Callum’s family. So it was a bit bigger (and therefore a LOT more food) this time around. Nevertheless it was a lovely day spent by all.
Sam, Joel and Tan set off on their road trip late that afternoon to the Blue Mountains to spend the following day (and week) with Joel’s family and participating in their Christmas celebrations too.

Anyway, I headed back to Grange and spent a few days at home before jet setting off to PNG. Shona’s family have been living there from way back when, and I was (FINALLY) invited to go over for a holiday. Of course I accepted and set off to the world of the unknown.

As soon as I got off the plane I could feel the rush of the humid, sticky heat that I had been craving. Island/tropical heat is so different to that of Australia, and I am so much more used to it from growing up in Vanuatu, so naturally I felt as if I was home again. Everything seemed so similar, but so different at the same time. It is uncanny. I felt like I was walking into an alternate universe almost because nothing looked right (or how I knew it) but the people, the weather, the language etc all seemed too familiar.

The few things that were mainly evident in the differences were of course the touristic sense of the place (there was none!) and how much more developed the country is than Vila. A lot more buildings, and traffic, and roads etc etc. There is also much more of a social scene and things to do, for instance we went out on the boat about 3-4 times within the 10 days that I was there, and there is an island off Moresby that everyone boats to and hangs out for the day with BBQ’s and music and swimming etc. The last day we went out there was absolutely spectacular! The water was clear as anything and I could open my eyes in the sea without them really hurting!! Unfortunately though to get there you need to go through the harbour and it is a lot more polluted than Vila.

One of the days we decided to head up to the end of the Kokoda Trail and trekked up it for a while, and went to Goldie River for a swim before heading back home. It was really cool to do, and maybe a bit of an eye opener to one day do the full track. We went on a day that wasn’t too hot, and was actually raining, so the ground was really muddy and slippery, so it made it harder, but at the same time, was probably similar weather to what it would have been like for the soldiers. After that we went to the Bomana War Cemetary which was actually pretty impressive because I couldn’t believe how many soldiers were found and unknown.

Another day we went out diving which was so awesome. I’d never done a wreck dive before, so this being my first one was really cool. It was a ship, and although purposely sunk for a diving attraction, still looked magical and like we’d stumbled across the Titanic or something! I saw a jellyfish (that now I realise was probably a box jellyfish) and swam right up to it. It was just sitting there infront of my mask. So cool to see so close!

One of the days we went out on the boat, I attempted (and sadly failed) at wakeboarding. To be fair I have never done it (nor have I ever snowboarded) or anything in my life, but I just couldn’t stand up. So I just ended up going on the ski biscuit (a different day actually) but it was still lots of fun and is making me want to get out there and do more sports and try new things!

For new years eve, we went down to the yacht club and just had dinner and drinks (with dancing) there. There were a fair few people there, and I saw Kaye’s parents, and a couple of people that I hadn’t seen in years (Everett Chue and that lot) and Comila’s family ended up coming along too, so it was a really good night. Different to how I would have spent it in Vila (or Brisbane for that matter) but that was good.

Obviously a lot of this wasn’t in chronological order, but I couldn’t be bothered doing that, and I probably would have written a lot more (in boring detail) if I wrote it chronologically.

I came back on the 9th of Jan…and now here I am! Getting started on my new life and focusing on the new year with uni and moving house and getting a new job etc etc!

Wish me luck…!


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