My night with a camera, fireworks and taco sauce

On Saturday night I decided, after spending a day trapped inside writing (or at least attempting to write one of my essays for uni), I would embrace the “Brisbanite” in me, and I ventured out to watch the Riverfire spectacular for this year. I set out with nothing but my camera and my music playing in my ears, and off I went. Arriving at South Bank was just horrendous (although it wasn’t as bad as trying to leave the place after!), there were so many people hustling and bustling about, and at times, I severely hate crowds…this, unfortunately, was one of those times. So I did what any normal person would do, cranked up the music playing on my phone and pretended they weren’t there. (Although to some extent this was merely impossible.) Anyhow, I settled into a fairly uncrowded spot on the start of the bridge, and began playing around with my ‘new’ camera. I was given this camera as a hand-me-down one from my mum, and I still (even after tonight) don’t really know how to use it, and due to it being a poor old soul, the battery life is terrible. Within minutes I figured out the night scenery mode that I wanted to use, and the fireworks began. I started snapping away at the beautifully lit sky and all the colours and lights. I honestly love fireworks, and I will love them until the day I die. (Sadly though, upon FINALLY returning home…my photos don’t do the fireworks any justice…and it doesn’t help that the camera was super slow and I couldn’t capture them at the right times.)

Anyway, it was such a wonderful, (and somewhat) relaxing and peaceful night on my own. Listening to nothing or no one but my impeccable taste in music 😉 and watching the display of fires, lights and raindrops. As with everything in life though, the time had to come to an end. So I packed up my camera and got lost in the crowd of people trying to do the same thing as I was doing; going home. I decided to, rather than going to the close bus stop, head to the next one which wasn’t too far away in the hope of it having less people that I had to battle for a spot on the bus. Firstly, that was my biggest mistake because I had to weave my way through a swarm of families, Bogans, and teenage kids who had seemingly taken over the world! As I was happily making my way through the sea of people, I felt something hit me, like huge water drops or bit of leaf falling from a tree, until I realised it was warm, not even warm, it was hot! Then I smelt the horror of it being taco sauce (or something of the likes), and as I noticed this I witnessed some punk ass kid running away backwards, right then and there I realised I had become a victim of his food fight attack at a friend (or possibly enemy). Instantly I was shut down into the most horrible of all moods, and really all I wanted to do was cry of the embarrassment. Nevertheless, I wiped (as much as I could) off and continued walking to my destination. I had every intention to march up to him and his ‘mates’ and give him a stern talking to, but then I thought what difference would it make? This stupid, low-life kid most likely wouldn’t have changed his future actions if I said anything or not, and it certainly wouldn’t be able to change the past, so I just walked on by. So I decided not to let it get to me, and looking back now I can laugh it off and I know that regardless of this happening to me, my life is obviously far better than his because I don’t feel the need to throw gross taco mince sauce at people to make myself feel or look better. I also urge, to whoever is reading this, to question what kind of kids we are raising in today’s society. I cannot dish out any parenting advice seeing as I’m not one, but after hearing about such horrible crimes recently throughout Australia, I want everyone to second guess how they were brought up, and how they are currently (or intending to) raise their children. Surely the disgusting, pathetic excuse for a human that murdered Jill Meagher didn’t have wonderful, caring, loving parents, otherwise he wouldn’t have done such a horrible thing to another human being. Right?

Bottom line is…people astonish me in every way, shape AND form. And no matter how hard some of us try and live by Gandhi’s quote “be the change that you wish to see in the world”, this will never change the world, because everyone is different, everyone thinks differently, everyone acts differently, and this is, essentially, what keeps the world going around.

Mass of people

FireworksLights and colours


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