Fitness Motivation…A New Me

Earlier in this year I decided to [finally] put into action making this year “MY YEAR”. I say it nearly every year…but this time I actually believed in it and found motivation to make it come true. So after my birthday in early January, I made a decision to stop eating and drinking sugary, processed foods, alcohol, white processed carbs, I even stopped eating fruits for a few weeks because of the sugar content. I was literally eating meat and veggies. In this time I also started running; something I never thought I would do [or enjoy for that matter] yet after a few weeks of forcing myself into it…I really did start to enjoy it. I was feeling great! I was eating super clean and healthy and the exercise was making me feel amazing. I lost quite a few kilos in just the first 4-6 weeks of doing this.

I don’t really know where my focus, determination and motivation came from, but I wasn’t going to question it. I was loving what I was doing, and I was determined to keep doing it. I don’t think anyone was quite as surprised by my complete turnaround as my Dad was. I have always been the chubbier kid out of the family and we all know that I have a massive weakness for chocolate [and I still do!] and hated anything that had to do with sport, running or general exercise, but for the few weeks that I ate nothing but eggs, meat, salad and veggies, I literally did not touch a piece of chocolate.

Unfortunately at this moment I’ve fallen behind and have been eating badly and not keeping up the exercise…for numerous reasons that I’m not going to bring up…but I really want to find that strength inside me again to get back into it. I hope I get it back soon because right now I feel like I’m drowning a little bit, and definitely feel more sluggish and tired.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind people that it doesn’t take diet pills or chemical products to help us lose weight and become fit and healthy…it’s all about eating correctly and exercising. This not only helps to lose weight but to also boosts our mood, concentration levels and overall well-being.

The only trick is to finding that motivation within yourself. No one can force it on you…no one can really help you…you have to be ready and willing to help yourself.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Motivation…A New Me

    • Haha thanks Josh. I just mean I was (and still am haha) the one in the family who ate more chocolate because I didn’t care if my jeans got a bit tight πŸ˜‰

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