Give me a year

What I have come to realise lately, is that I have trouble staying in one place for too long. I get bored easily. I have noticed that I last about one year…18 months at the most in a particular place, job or course or whatever it is I am doing. This is making it really hard at the moment though, because I have been back in Brisbane for 2 years now, and have been studying for 18 months, and have been working for about 18 months as well (at the same job). Granted that I have lived in now a third different house over the past 2 years, there is still that aspect of change I’ve had which is good, but I’m getting to a point of boredom again. Boredom of Brisbane, of my job, and I feel like it’s slowly eating at my uni studies. Although I am quite enjoying anthropology, I am simply losing motivation to do the assignments and study because the rest of me is becoming bored with life.


Ugh. This is not a good thing to be feeling! I hope someday soon I will get over it and find that change that I am craving right now. Maybe I will find it as uni is almost over for the year, which means I have 3 months of ‘summer’ holidays, and 4 weeks of which where I will be at home on a tropical island doing all the things I’ve missed doing over the last 2 years! We’ll see how the next 6 months go…




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