My dream about the end of the world

Ok, so first up, my dream wasn’t really about the end of time of the end of the whole world, but it was the end of my world. Here is my dream:

I was hanging out with a bunch of friends, in a city that in my dream I knew, but in reality I didn’t recognise, and then all of a sudden this cloud darted across the sky, focused on a point on the ground, hit the ground with great force and then exploded, sending chemicals and debris into the air around us. We knew at that instant, our time was over. There was nothing we could do but wait and let the chemicals overrule us and eventually kill us. The next moment, the friends I was hanging out with had disappeared. It was only myself and one other person in particular that were left. We were very close friends, actually maybe even lovers (in my dream), and we weren’t sad to be dying. So we simply lay with our heads beside each other, but our bodies laid out in the opposite direction, right in the middle of the road, just chatting and remembering our lives, the good and the bad memories and just lay there until the chemicals consumed us.

Upon telling a friend my dream yesterday, he asked if I looked it up at all to find out what it meant, and I said no. Which is the truth, because deep down, I (kinda) know what it meant. Obviously it has a bit to do with the whole chemical warfare thing going on in Syria at the moment, but also, it was more about being content with my life and if I died anytime soon, I would not necessarily be “happy” per se, but I would be ok with it because I don’t regret anything in my life to date, and I have done a fair few things that a person aged 25 would or should have done in life. Sure there are still thousands of other things in life I want to do, but I’m happy with where my life is, and where it is going right now. I think my dream also was about me spending my dying days (or should I say dying hours or minutes) with this one person. I wasn’t sad in my dream or I didn’t miss anyone or want to be with anyone else. I was content (dare I say, happy) to be dying with this one person being by my side. Now for obvious reasons I am not going to mention his (or her πŸ˜‰ ) name, but I will say, that if you have been following my blog at all, it is not who you would expect.

It was an interesting dream to have, and it’s quite interesting to be dreaming about certain people. I have in fact been dreaming about this person a fair bit lately, but it’s put me in a pretty tough situation in reality.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my dream and thoughts about my dream with you all, and maybe make you ponder over who that person would be beside you if a circumstance like this were to occur (god forbid of course) but it’s an intriguing thought to wonder who your subconscious mind chooses.


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