How to get over someone

I’ve had to get over my fair share of people in my days, and recently I was talking to a friend about how I need to get over someone. So, here is my step by step guide to getting over someone. Now, obviously everyone is different, and every relationship is different, but these are my basic steps to get over someone.

1. Cry. Cry a shit load.
2. Cut all form of contact with the person. It is hard to begin with. It really is. But it will get easier and will be worth it.
3. On the off chance of a relapse, and you speak to said person again…it’s ok. And yes, you’re allowed to cry again if need be. But DO NOT make it a habit. And it’s ok to delve into a little chocolate, cake, ice cream or whatever your comfort food is, but again, DO NOT make this a habit. I promise.
4. Exercise. It is crazy how much better you feel even after a 30 minute work out. (I remember once I had been crying almost all afternoon, I didn’t feel like doing anything, going anywhere or seeing anyone, but I forced myself to get out and go for a run, and it was incredible how amazing I felt after it.) You’d be surprised what emotions and endorphins your body releases when you sweat and move those muscles around!
5. Once you get on track with not communicating with said person, you will find that days starts to get easier.
6. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. And next thing, you realise you haven’t spoken to, or more importantly, haven’t thought about that person for years.
7. Laugh. Watch a movie, or TV show that makes you laugh with your whole belly and body. Or talk to a friend that you know makes you giggle like a little schoolgirl.
8. All the while, you should remain a constant flow of fluids to the body. And by this I mean WATER. Not alcohol. Or any other substance of the likes.

Well I think that’s generally about all that I do. And I don’t actually think they really have to go in any particular order…but the main key is to just stop being in contact with them. Because while you’re still in contact then they are still on your mind. Once you slow down and cut out contact, you will find they will start to slowly leave your everyday thoughts. And remember to stay happy and continue living your life, because you are amazing! And your life is fantastic and wonderful as the next person’s.

So there you have it. Feel free to try it if you need to…and let me know how you go if you needed to get that person off your mind!


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