My life is like a scratchie

I feel like my life is like a cheap $1 scratchie at the moment. Everyday is like I get a new scratchie. Sometimes I win $2 and I have a mildly happy day, sometimes I win up to $10 and have very happy and enthusiastic days. But the happiness never really lasts very long…much like having $10. And most days I win nothing and my day is shitty or just stupidly dull. So I really feel like I need a big win right now. I need something really good in my life. I feel too tired with getting a new scratchie and never winning anything more than a mere $10. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not greedy and want millions (although I wouldn’t complain if I won a million!) but I’m not asking for that much. I just want a big win to change something about my life. I can’t seem to change it myself at the moment. Whenever I do something that should effectively change it up a bit or steer it in a slightly different direction, something slowly pulls it back onto the boring straight line I am going.

Maybe I’m just tiring from uni and this semester. Maybe Christmas holidays will bring some good or a change. Who knows. But I really hope I get a good win soon.


I could really use it.


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