The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers

About 6 months ago my Mum came across this fundraiser for women’s cancers, which was a 60km walk over 2 days. It apparently originated in the USA and this is the first time they were holding it in Australia. And due to personal circumstances she decided that we should do it together. So we signed up and promoted the event to our family and friends to gather donations to raise what we could to help QIMR and RBWH to put an end to women’s cancers.

Last weekend was the event of the walk. We began at Roma Street Parklands (Brisbane) on Saturday morning and set off for our first 30kms. The walk was a curvy route through the city and we walked through some really lovely parts of Brisbane. We ended up at “camp” being a set up area in Everton Park with tents, showers, massages, yoga, dinner etc.

What really impressed me was the community coming together. Not essentially the people on the walk with us, but more the houses and families around the parts of Brisbane that we were walking through. Numerous houses had ribbons, balloons, signs, lollies, ice cubes, hoses etc cheering us on and congratulating us on our efforts. One young girl had a bowl of fruit that she was handing out and as I took a grape and said thanks to her, she relied with “you’re so awesome” it was the cutest thing and really warmed my heart.

Anyway, needless to say we were knocked out pretty early that night after a well deserved foot bath and a few cold ciders. So the next morning we were up at the crack of dawn to down some breakfast and set on our way back to Roma Street Parklands. The walks were actually a lot easier than I thought. Well actually the second day seemed easier, surprisingly. I thought I was going to be a lot more saw upon waking on Sunday morning, but I wasn’t feeling too bad. We managed to get back in good time, so each day it took us roughly 5 and half hours to walk 30kms. So totally 60kms in the weekend.

In total (in Brisbane, as they are doing more walks throughout the country) there were about 1300 walkers and together we raised $3.5 million (AUD) which is amazing. So hopefully it leads to future research and cures for women’s cancers. Cancer affects too many people these days and women are more susceptible to more types of cancers, so here’s to finding cures!

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