A weekend away from the city


So, lately I have been feeling very flat, lonely, anti-social, numb, etc. and I think a lot of it may have to do with living in the city. I’ve never really been a city person, but I just learned to adapt over the years whenever I live there. At the moment I feel like my heart and soul have gone for a walk and left my head and body to fend for itself. I know I can be a happy, determined person, but I need my heart and soul with me to do that. I just need to find them to fix myself.

Anyway, as I have exams for uni coming up next week I decided to take a weekend away from the city life and go up to my parents house on the sunshine coast. No one else was at the house, so it was just me, relaxing on my own, (attempting) to do more study than I actually got done, but nevertheless it was the time away that I needed.

While I was up there I sensed something inside me that felt like I was closer to finding my soul again. It’s as if there was a magnetic force between my soul and my body that was being pulled together and closer than it has been over the last few months. She is coming back to me. I can feel it. I know I can. The time away from the city, the time on my own, the space of nothing or no one but myself is slowly finding her again πŸ™‚

As I was getting ready to leave and head back to the city…I could feel myself getting anxious and uneasy. It may be slightly due to my Sunday night blues as a I explained last week, but it may also be because I’m going back to the city…when my heart belongs at the beach.

I just have to focus on getting through this week of exams and then I have a whole 3 months of holidays to do…well, whatever I please πŸ™‚ which includes 4 weeks back at my island home. I cannot wait to be reunited with my tropical home life.

Please make this week go quickly and smoothly…and BRING ON HOLIDAY TIME!!!!


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