Posted in January 2014

Find You, Save Me.

I am beginning to find myself again. In order to save myself, I need to get back on my feet and start living my life again. I have started reading a really interesting and thought-provoking book (courtesy of a friend for understanding where I am/was with life recently). This book is amazing. I have only … Continue reading


What do you do when everything you once believed in so much becomes shattered, destroyed, broken. Over the last month, someone close to me made a big life decision that had nothing to do with me, wasn’t about me, but affects me in so many ways. All that I believed about my life has been … Continue reading

The Way You Make Me Feel

Writing my thoughts and feelings have always been my stronger point than expressing myself vocally, and sometimes physically. So I’m going to put into words the way I feel about you and when I’m around you. I read a quote somewhere recently that read “paper is more patient than man” and as soon as I … Continue reading