How Did I Become The Enemy?

Holy fucking fuck I love music!! Sorry about the profanity, but I just can’t hold back when it comes to my love for music. I should be used to how much it amazes me when I find a new song that I instantly fall in love with, or a song that relates to my life at that given point in time, but no. Every time I do, I get so excited and I am reminded that I am not alone, and some people understand me, or someone has put into words what my brain has been trying to process. And sometimes I feel like the artist is speaking to me and only I am supposed to hear it or understand it. I don’t know. I just get these immense feelings of love and happiness and peace. Even if the lyricist’s words are talking about an entirely different situation, it’s still such a warm, lovely feeling to be able to hear the words and think “fuck yeah, that’s what I’m going through”, or something of a similar reaction.

So…many thanks to the bandΒ Of Verona, take it away with….. ‘The Enemy’


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