I don’t have OCD

A friend has recently been teasing me about supposedly having OCD. I don’t have OCD, however, there are certain things that do irritate me and leave me almost hyperventilating sometimes. Then today I stumbled across this site, and as I was browsing through the photos of “25 things that will piss off your friend with OCD”, yes I was getting very worked up just looking at some of these pictures!!

A few of them were just downright funny, and some were even plain stupid. But most of them…well, most of them made me cringe so bad. I don’t have OCD, but I definitely have some disorder in my brain for these things to make me sketch out.

Take a look at these images (site located just below) and see if you feel anything remotely itchy about them. Or if it’s just me.

25 things that will piss off your friends with OCD


Fire-Mis-spelling 2


If not…what makes your skin crawl?


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