Mantra 24/2/14

This week’s mantra is:

“The key to joy and happiness is to love many things with a passion.”

I’ve been trying for a while to not hate anything. To try and love everything. As to try and follow this rule or belief, I got myself a kitten. I usually hate cats, can’t stand them, they freak me out. Kittens aren’t so bad though, so I decided in a spontaneous moment to get this little thing. He’s pretty crazy and attacks me a lot and some days I do regret getting him, but I’m learning to love him, which is the main thing I guess. He’s little and cute and how can people not love little, cute animals?

I watched a slightly strange movie a few years ago (called Chloe) and a line out of that movie resonated with me so strongly. It said “I  try to find something to love in everybody. Even if it’s a small thing, like something about the way someone smiles. There’s always something, there has to be.” Since hearing this I have wanted to try and live by this belief, and I think on the most part, I do. But there are definitely times and specific moments where I don’t at all. I think I’m faltering a little at the moment. I think I’m losing faith in a lot of things, I’m losing grip of what life is about. I need passion to get me back into the spring of life.

So – ergo, love many things with a passion. It doesn’t say ALL things…so I guess I don’t have to love everything, but that would probably be ideal in a way, but the biggest thing is to not hate anything. Just love and be loved and be happy and joyful.

Here’s to another week.

Scout: my kitten




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