I Just Want The Simple Things

Monday nights are about two shows in particular that I watch. One of them is the showΒ Girls. At the end of last night’s episode a song started to play that I really liked the sound of, so I got on Shazam and found out what it was. Then I jumped straight onto YouTube and listened to it over and over. I am absolutely in love. This song is exactly how I’m feeling at the moment/lately. I just want the simple things. I just want “you”. I don’t need expensive things, or a man that everyone thinks is attractive or anything, I just want someone in my bed at night, someone to wake up to. Someone to hold me and remind me that things are going to be ok when they don’t feel like they are. Someone to ask me how my day was and to make me smile when I need that little boost of happiness.

Anyway, this songs says it better than I can…especially with the totally sexy voice he has. Damn I wish I could sing, or play some form of musical instrument! Or at least have a guy that can for me πŸ˜‰

Without further ado: here is Miguel with Simple Things.



One thought on “I Just Want The Simple Things

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