And Just Like That, Music Saves My Soul…Again

This morning I stumbled across this really cool blog about two people who packed up their lives in California and moved to Nicaragua and created a business that gives back to the world. Their blog/business is called Life Out Of The Box, and it is so fascinating! I immediately became engrossed in what they are doing, and I simply didn’t even think twice about buying a bracelet. What they are doing is something I can really see myself doing, I would love to somehow become a part of it, or something very similar around the world, maybe in other countries.

So, while I was browsing their site, I watched one of their videos and the song they had chosen to overlay the clip with sounded very cool, and right down my alley. I found the song, and it happened to be none other than Matisyahu. A person I used to listen to a lot of a few years ago, but had lost him over the busy-ness that is life. I got on YouTube and listened to the song a couple of times after finding it and the lyrics are just perfect, what a beautiful song. (Then of course I went on to listen to a couple of my old Matisyahu favourites.)

Late last night I also remembered a couple of other songs that I decided I should listen to each morning to get me through the days at the moment, and those two songs being (a little contrasting in some way) are: Nahko and Medicine for the People – Black as Night, and an oldie but a goodie, Good Charlotte – Motivation Proclamation.

So, just for a little extra bit of special for your day, and week, here are all three songs.

Enjoy ✌


One thought on “And Just Like That, Music Saves My Soul…Again

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