Criminal Minds Addict – Not A Good Habit

Over the past few weeks/months I’ve been what some would call, a hermit. I hardly left the house, I didn’t see anyone, I spent my days waking, watering my plants, general household chores, eating, sleeping, and of course, watching TV. I thought, seeing as it was my last weeks of “holidays” before uni started again, why not just enjoy and bask in the serenity and solitude. So, while I spent my days venturing as far as the lounge room, I got hooked on a particular show – Criminal Minds   I have seen this show before, but only a few episodes here and there, and nothing ever in the right order. Lately, on Foxtel, they were playing multiples of episodes after each other, leaving me on the couch for hours each day being obsessed with it. I love the show and the way they use their behavioural analysis to find the murderers, kidnappers, or whatever the case is. It’s so interesting to watch and to see what tiny things they pick up on about people. I studied psychology for a little while and those sorts of things still really interest me.

However, due to my recent obsession, I found myself getting a little too involved. Allow me to explain. This week, as I have mentioned in earlier posts, is the first week back at uni. Which also meant, my first trip/s into the big smoke (from my distant coastal home), and the fact that I have to commute about 1.5-2 hours each way. So yesterday, I drove to the station, and jumped on my desired train. This was the first time in weeks that I had been around crowds of people, or should I say ‘strangers’. I caught myself studying these people in a way, I was looking at them a little differently than usual, I was watching their antics and mannerisms and trying to identify features about them that made them stand out from other people. All because I had been watching too much of Criminal Minds. I noticed that I was taking in details about them in case I was needed as a witness about something that was going to happen. I didn’t feel threatened or anything by any of these people, I still felt they were average, good people. I didn’t get bad vibes or anything, I was just merely taking certain things into account for future possibilities. I don’t think it’s a good habit at all to be honest, and I really want to not do it anymore. I want to be able to follow and trust my intuition on these sorts of things, and it definitely was not my intuition to study these people incase they were to commit a crime. As, like I said, I didn’t feel any of them were up to anything bad or criminal. It was just an observation that I was making.

Anyway. A bit of a strange habit that I don’t want to get too caught up in, so it’s no more crime shows for me! (For now anyway, well at least no crime show marathons.) Plus, I’ll need to be getting stuck into uni study from now on, so the ‘no TV’ rule should apply overall.


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