Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter 1

Yesterday afternoon, as I was on my way to uni, I started feeling this anxiety creep up on me. I’m not too sure where it came from or what it was about because nothing had happened to me or I wasn’t stressing about going into the city, or uni or whatever (which is slightly odd for me not to feel that way lately) but it wasn’t any of that, so it was hard to place any emotion attached to it. I arrived a bit early for class and tried to calm myself down, drinking copious amounts of water, trying to breathe deeply and slowly, and I found that breathing slowly only left me starting to cry. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest and all I could do was breathe out. And the times I took slow, deep breaths, I wanted to cry because I knew the person sitting on my chest was not going to move. My hands were shaking, I could barely talk properly, it was horrible.

I participated as much as I could during class, but felt very much out of it for the majority of the time. And then, all of a sudden, the greatest thing possible (at the time) happened to me. Well, it happened to everyone in the class, however I feel it was most effective to me considering the anxiety I was dealing with. The class I was in was Italian, and there was a slight miscommunication glitch, which, needless to say, left us all in fits of laughter. I was laughing so hard, my face went red, tears were streaming down my face, my stomach hurt. It was one of the best laughs I’ve had for a number of weeks, or months even. I really think I needed it.

Then, about ten or so minutes later, when I was relieved of my laughing fit, I realised my anxiety had started to lift. I was feeling much better, much lighter. I had laughed so hard that the person sitting on my lungs had fallen off and onto the floor. I did however feel a fair bit drained as if someone had sucked a heap of energy out of me, but I very much preferred that to the anxiety.

In conclusion – laughter is a really good form of medicine. I realised I need to laugh a lot more. I might try and make a point of laughing at least once a day. Even if it begins as just a small little chuckle, I think it’s important to have that release of energy and tension every day.

As a last note, I’d just like to say that I really miss the nights that I used to have dinner with three of my close friends, that always ended in us having inappropriate conversations around the dinner table, but none of us cared and the nights always left us all with immense belly aches from eating and laughing way too much.


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