Songs Find Me

I believe a lot of the time, that, songs find me for particular reasons at particular times of my life. For example, I’ll be listening to a radio station that I never listen to, or at a really strange time, or whatever, and I hear a song that just speaks to me. Whether the lyrics or tune resonate with me and my feelings, or I enjoy the song and can’t figure out why. Sometimes the answer isn’t always so clear, and sometimes as soon as I hear the first line I am just like “wow, this is a song for me, or about me”. It also happens sometimes, when I watch a movie or tv episode that I have already seen, and I pick up on a song that I didn’t even hear or respond to the first time I watched it, meaning that I obviously wasn’t ready to hear or feel it at that point in my life, hence, the song finding me at the right time.

With this, I also believe that certain songs stick around for reasons as well. Songs, can, in a sense ‘haunt’ me. Everywhere I go, or whatever I do, these songs are around, and in my head for no explanation. And it’s not like I listen to those radio stations that play the same song over and over all day, nor do I listen to the radio all day. However, sometimes I can’t figure out why these particular songs are haunting me at the times they are.

For instance, right now, there are two songs that are haunting me. One is a new song, I think I first heard it on triple j a few weeks ago, but I didn’t really like it at the time, or I thought it was mediocre, and now, even though I haven’t heard it for days, every single day, at some point in the day, it pops in my head.

The second song, is an old-ish song, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it has come into my life so strongly right now. I mean I have an idea or two…but I just don’t know.

Song 1: Seasons Change – Future Islands


Song 2: The Last Day on Earth – Kate Miller-Heidke


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