Mantra 14/4/2014

This week’s mantra comes from some advice a friend gave me the other day when I told him I get anxious about space, stars and galaxies, that there is so much more out there than what we know or could ever interpret or understand, or probably even estimate! I get anxious about it because we are all just one tiny person in this enormous universe of so many stars and planets, and it’s highly probable that there are thousands of other planets out there with other life forms on it. Gah! So it makes me feel so insignificant!

Anyway, because of this, my friend said to me what would become my mantra this week:

“I am the centre of my universe”

He said that nothing else should really matter except to share your love around with those that you come into contact with. So that’s what I’m going to work on. This is not to come across self-absorbed or anything like that, just simply that each of us are the centres of our own universes, our own destinies and fates. Our desires and aspirations are our own and nobody elses. We live our own lives for ourselves, we make our own decisions and go on our own journeys.

You are not the centre of THE universe, you are the centre of YOUR universe.

This is my life and my journey and yours is your own. Manifest what you want. Live it. Enjoy it. Become it. Use your powers to do what you want to do and to become who you want to be. All your hopes and wishes are just mere thoughts away.


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