Our night with a Nahko and the Franti

There are only a handful of music gigs that I have been to that I can truly say that it was incredibly phenomenal (with the exception of Splendour 2013). I mean I love live music anyway, but there are some artists who just take the cake in all aspects; musically, energetically, entertaining, vibes of the room etc.

And last night’s gig was an absolute gem. The best concert I have been to so far in 2014. I heard a while ago that Michael Franti and Nahko Bear (with their corresponding crews) were coming to Australia and playing at Bluesfest in Byron this year, and sadly I didn’t really have the money to go because the lineup looked great. I was contemplating buying a ticket for just one day of Blues because Michael Franti and Nahko Bear were both playing on the same day. Until, whoa, until, I heard that they were doing a combined gig together in Brisbane for only about half the price of a one-day Blues ticket. I was stoked! I literally almost peed my pants when I heard that news. So naturally, I got a ticket (or three, for some other music fiends to join me) and last night was the night it all unfolded.

Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People opened and did a stunning job of that. I have only known of Nahko for about 6 months now, but I instantly fell in love when I heard some of his songs, I have actually posted one, maybe two on my blog. Anyway, naturally, these guys did not disappoint, and set the mood and bar to a perfect level from the start. After they had finished playing, a few of them were around the venue meeting fans, getting photos, signing stuff and whatnot, and one of the guys that I had gone with (who was actually the one who introduced me to Nahko) was pretty set on getting a photo with him, so, we did that and then had to rush back into the swarm of people to get some sort of front-ish row location for Michael Franti.

And wow did he deliver! I was so blown away by absolutely everything this man was doing. You could really feel the love he has for the music, the fans, the world, people, peace, everything. It was amazing. Almost every second song he was out in the crowd hugging strangers fans, he was bouncing off the walls and his energy just radiated throughout the entire room. He told us stories, he sang, he laughed, he loved, he welcomed everyone as if we were all family. It was such an amazing feeling and vibe just being there. (And yes, I did hug his deliciously sweaty body a couple of times when he came towards us.) So amazing. I’m not going to continue harping on about it, but just know that if you know/like his music, do yourself a favour and get yourself to one of his gigs when you get the chance. Especially if he ever tours or plays with Nahko again, because the combination of the two groups last night was just spot on.

peace and love to all ✌

20140425-114431.jpg                  20140425-114444.jpg                                              20140425-114759.jpg


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