Mantra 28/4/2014

This week’s mantra comes from the quote above. Supposedly it is a quote byย Shakespeare, but the internet is not much of a reliable source of information most of the time, especially when it comes to quotes and sayings by famous people – or importantly – dead, famous people. Anyhow, the point remains the same no matter who uttered these wonderful words.

This week is about learning to:

“expect nothing, and appreciate everything”

Well, in all honesty, I actually live by this on any normal day. I guess sometimes I need to be reminded, but also I’d like to convey this message to those out there that read my blog that don’t live this way.

Don’t expect the weather to be how you wished it was, just appreciate all kinds, because all kinds of weather can bring happiness if you let it. You cannot plan or control everything in life. Everything in this world – and everyone in this world – has something beautiful to offer. Just open your mind a little and you will see their worth.


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