I’m becoming a Vegan

Ok, so I’m not big on attempting to influence or change someone else’s way of living because I believe everyone deserves to live how they want to (within reason of course), and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, beliefs, desires, hopes, dreams, etc. However, I do not condone violence, anger, hatred, or any other negative forms of attitudes. That being said – why do we think this only applies to humans? It doesn’t. Every creature on this earth has its own right to live peacefully in its habitat and surroundings. We (as humans) have no right to kill any animal for our own benefit. We are not allowed to kill other people, so why do we think it is acceptable to murder innocent animals for us to “eat”? Human beings are perfectly capable of living on a diet of fruit and vegetables. I’m not going to get into too much detail here, 1) because I’m only in the early phases of converting to veganism, so I do not know enough to give adequate information, and 2) there are plenty of websites, blogs and YouTube videos out there that do the job of explaining why humans are in fact, meant to be herbivores. I’m not going to list any particular sites here, just jump on google and lose yourself in the information that’s out there.

So effing true.

I saw this quote a fair while ago, and I totally agree with it, and now that I’m beginning a journey of veganism, I re-read this and realised that it also relates to animals. I do not like to preach or force people to live the way I do, but I want people to understand the detriment we are doing to the world by our current state of “living”. A friend told me about a documentary called Earthlings that he suggested I watch, and I had a quick look at the trailer which put me in tears almost instantly. I have posted a link to the trailer below if anyone is interested in watching it, however I must warn you that it is highly graphic and it (hopefully) should move you in ways to make you take action about the way you live your life. No one, not even animals deserve this treatment. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and disgusted that I am a part of the human race who believes “we” are allowed to do these sorts of things. Where is our compassion?!

I encourage you to watch this trailer (if not the full film), but as I said, it is not for the faint-hearted. I had lots of trouble watching the trailer because it brought me immense sadness and discomfort, but I will (do my best to) watch the full film tonight to gain a deeper insight into what’s actually going on behind our backs.



3 thoughts on “I’m becoming a Vegan

  1. dude i saw this ! didnt touch any animal products for over a month…was so disgusted … Glad you’re making the move…i forced myself to switch back (which was hard btw…even eating fish disgusted me! ) but having had ED’s in the past i was afraid of what Being Vegan or Vegetarian would do to me psycologically.. but deffs the most powerful doco i’ve ever seen!

    • The most powerful and the most heartbreaking. I’m so glad I watched it, but fuck it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was so emotional and I just kept thinking “can’t they hear the animal crying?” Those people have no soul or compassion. Absolutely horrific. Whatever happened to love and kindness to all? I could go on forever about how unnatural and immoral it all is.

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