Mantra 5/5/2014

In light of my recent decision to convert to being a vegan, I came across a mantra that can relate to both this lifestyle choice, and also in general life as well.

“I am part of something amazing and I am grateful to have found this path”

Life is amazing and the gift of life is amazing, don’t waste it, and don’t take anyone else’s (animals included) life away. Every earthling deserves to be here on this earth as much as you and I do. We are not here to judge who deserves our kindness and compassion, we are not here to decide who is worthy of living, we should love and accept everyone and everything on this planet. We are here to live our own lives and fulfil our own journeys. Everyone deserves their chance and their gift of life.

My new favourite word:

  1. a word used to refer to an inhabitant of the earth.

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