30 Seconds to Mars – but mostly just Jared Leto

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Jared Leto, and today, for one reason or another, I ended up watching video after video of interviews, songs, award speeches, movie trailers, etc of this amazing, attractive, astonishing man and I found myself falling deeper in love with him with every minute that passed.

He (seems like he) has such a beautiful heart and soul and I just feel so enticed by his words, beliefs and attitudes. I will include two videos in this post that I have actually watched about three times each today because I felt they were just really perfect and powerful to me right now, and hopefully others will agree.

The first is a little snippet of his input into the Bystander Revolution and I thought it was a great little concise piece of advice to everyone. “There is no greater privilege than owning yourself.”

The second video is the 30 Seconds to Mars film clip for their song ‘City of Angels’. I think the way the interviews of famous people have been spliced throughout the song was a cool way to give you bit more of an insight into these people’s lives and to remember that everyone has their own struggles. And his voice in this song is just amazing. I cannot fault this man. (But as everyone, I’m sure he has his flaws, which would make him all the more perfect; in an ironic way.)

He’s an actor, a musician, a philanthropist, (among other things), and he also directed that ‘City of Angels’ video (along with other 30 Seconds to Mars clips). He is just all round perfection in one man! Ah I love him.


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