The Umbrella Girl – A Kind Stranger

Today’s daily prompt is about the kindness of strangers, asking us:Β When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

Well, let me tell you a little story which is actually about me being the kind stranger.

Last week, as I got off the train and began walking to my car, the guy next to me started with a bit of small talk – as some people do when you’re walking next to them off the train or in a lift or something – anyway, he was talking about the fact that it was raining because it hadn’t looked like it was going to rain at all that day – and he had no umbrella to walk home. Me, being the kind stranger I am, offered to get my umbrella out of my car for him to take as I was driving and he had to walk home – in the rain; to which he gladly accepted my offering.

Now, after telling this story to three different (and separate) friends of mine, they all stated that I was hitting on him; or that at least he thought I was hitting on him.

When (or more importantly; why) did kindness become mistaken for flirting? Can’t people just be kind, and do kind acts and gestures for someone else without having an ulterior motive? Or without having some other form or personal gain?

I’m a sucker for random acts of kindness. I love that shit. Kindness is free, spread it around everywhere! Spread the love, spread the peace. The world needs more compassion and respect. I think because we’ve lost that spark of kindness, that it’s so “rare” these days, that people just assume your kind act is a form of flirtation. When, in reality, I was just lending a stranger my umbrella who was in need of it more than I was at that time. And I hope he learns from that and pays it forward some day. But if not, I’m going to continue to be that kind stranger offering people random useful things in order to better their life. Pay it forward guys. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie in its entirety, but the significance behind it is what I’m all about.


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7 thoughts on “The Umbrella Girl – A Kind Stranger

  1. That is a lovely story. You are right, I learnt from my story, and am now the one who loves to extend my help or offer an act of kindness! (as I was shown back in my youth).

    • Thank you. We don’t need to repay the kind person that did something for us, we just need to pass it on to the next person, to keep the kindness circle going πŸ™‚

  2. I just went on a YouTube spree of random acts of kindness, and sat at my desk with tears of happiness just streaming down my face. Humanity is not dead, it’s just a bit rare these days. Let’s change the world and put more kindness into it, because what you put into life, you get back. It’s called karma my friends, get amongst it!!

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