I Love Diversity

Well, it’s no surprise that I love music, especially going to gigs and all sorts of things that involve “live music”, so last night I went to a gig with my ultimate “gig buddy”, I swear she is my perfect match when it comes to music. My complete vastness of what I enjoy, she reciprocates. It’s almost uncanny how in sync and connected our music tastes and energies are. Anyway, last night we trudged off to a popular hotspot music venue called The Zoo to see an Australian hip hop band Thundamentals. I always feel quite at home and comfortable at The Zoo, there is just something about the place that is so accepting of everyone. As we were casually sharing a beverage and listening to the supporting acts while engaging in sporadic conversation due to the music levels, I enjoyed glancing around the room to look at the variety of people, and their age, race, height, dress sense, gender, etc. And then it dawned on me – well, in all honesty, I already knew this about myself – but last night was when the idea really stuck out. That I love diversity. I love how different people are and can be. It’s beautiful and fascinating and I long to live in a world where this never changes. But mostly, I love the ability of acceptance and respect, and appreciation for this diversity.

Couldn't have said it better myself

I saw this quote about a fortnight ago, and realised how much I agree with it. I love imperfections and individuality; to the point where I will often like choosing things that are seen as “the odd one out” because it has more meaning behind it (or something – I don’t really know how to describe what it is that I love so much). I love being different, I love different people, I love the excitement and adventure that differentiality brings. To me, the idea and belief of individuality makes the world more stimulating and intriguing, and more “real” in a sense. I love the notion of being challenged or taught something new and different to what I know or am used to, or have grown up with.

Last night’s gig was something a little new and different for me. While I have been known to enjoy a few hip hop songs now and then, I’ve never been to a gig of a hip hop band until last night, and I must say, it was great! I had a feeling before turning up that I would feel, or at least look a little bit out-of-place, but as I said, everyone was so diverse themselves, and the crowd as a majority were so nice and accommodating (not that I thought they wouldn’t be) but it’s something I don’t witness very often in large crowds (that usually involve alcohol) like that. The music was superb and the guys in the band were super rad(!), they were extremely charismatic and had the crowd pumping with the energy they were giving out and receiving.

For those that don’t know Thundamentals, I just thought I would throw in a video to one of their latest songs out at the moment, and if you typically like hip hop music, enjoy! But if not…give it a shot and even if you don’t like it, just embrace and accept the differentiality of it compared to what you usually listen to.


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