Mantra 26/5/2014

Thanks to a dear friend whose birthday it is today (a big happy birthday to you!), my mantra for this week is all about letting things be what they are and unfold as they do. The last few days have been a big struggle for me, and I just need to be reminded to take a few deep breaths and to relax my mind, and my emotions will follow (It is much easier said than done most of the time, but once I allow myself to be a bit more at ease, the tensions and anxieties rise.)

So this week is about the P’s:

“I breathe in peace, patience and possibilities”

I would follow it up with something like “and I breathe out stress, anxieties and fears”, however I feel that mantras should only convey positivity. Even though the act of breathing out the bad stuff is a good thing, I don’t think it’s healthy to have any negative words in a mantra. For example, I would choose to say something like “I am complete on my own” rather than saying “I don’t need anyone to complete me”. I see the latter message as a negative view-point.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter. The point is….breathe in the good and allow the goodness to fill every nook and cranny in your body.


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