Missing my Mantra

I am having a lot of trouble finding a mantra for today/this week. In fact, I’m having a lot of trouble with, well, a lot of things lately. I kind of feel like I’m in no man’s land at the moment, and I guess in many ways, I am in a bit of a place of limbo.

There should be a mantra for this kind of feeling and position I am in, but nothing really comes to me. And I don’t feel like searching in a book or anything because I have the feeling that I know I won’t find anything that is quite what I want, or need, right now. I want to let the feeling of finding something come to me, I want the urge to think ‘yes!, that’s where I will find my inspiration for this week’. So until I get that feeling, hell, maybe I won’t get it at all, but if I do over the course of the week, I will post it here when the time arises.

As for now, happy Monday to all and have a good week.


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