Nothing is coincidence

*The beginning of this post has been a long time coming, I just wasn’t sure how to finish it off. I’m still not sure I’ve finished it off well, but that’s ok by me.*

Sometimes I wonder if we ever really know ourselves. I mean at times, sure, I don’t understand myself and things that I do or feel. Sometimes I do and feel things that I cannot explain to anyone, or even myself. Everyone does things that surprise other people, people close to them and people who know them well (or at least think they know), they can even surprise themselves every now and again. So does this mean we don’t really know who we are and exactly what we would do in given situations?

I think the universe has a plan for us all which is what sometimes makes us do things that seem to be “out of the ordinary” for who we usually are, or things done “out of character”. We feel and do the things we do without realising or understanding why sometimes. I believe that nothing is coincidence, the things that we go through, we have to go through them for a reason. Sometimes it’s not entirely clear what those reasons are…but there is always a reason. People come into our lives for a particular purpose at a particular time. And they leave often after the purpose is fulfilled. Or they leave for a particular purpose. We are forever learning and these “things” that happen to us, teach us about ourselves and about the world. They may not be instantaneous, sometimes you might consciously never know the reason things happen when, how and why they do. But just know that they each serve a purpose to steer your life in the way it is meant to be steered. So you end up at the right places at the right times. With the right people.

I think this has a little to do with the idea of reincarnation as well. The lessons you learn in your previous lives, you won’t need to learn again (or maybe you do, who knows). Reincarnation is so fascinating! I’ve only recently stumbled into researching it a bit, but wow, the findings are quite amazing. I always had some sort of belief in reincarnation, but what I’m more interested in learning about it is the how and why our souls return to the earth as the people (or animals?) that we do. I understand the blood ties of some people, whose soul comes back to the earth through a relative, but it strikes me as a bit odd when a soul comes back as a stranger. Why did the soul choose a complete random to inhabit their body this time around? And how long were they waiting in the place of “the afterlife” before returning in said body?

I’ve been on YouTube searching some stories on reincarnation and they are so cool! I’ve said it before (maybe not on here, but definitely in this lifetime of mine) that I believe kids have an extensive intuition and as we grow older we are conditioned to lose touch with that spiritual world. Children roughly between the ages of 2-5 have the ability to recall particular stories and events from their most recent previous life, mostly traumatic events and the way they died, but there are some really great stories out there. I’m definitely a massive believer in reincarnation – which in turn has a lot to do with nothing in this world being a coincidence. We are all here in to learn, grow, experience and teach. There is meaning to everything! We all have something to teach someone and we all have something to learn from every person we encounter in our lives. Some people stay, some people only last a fleeting moment, but there is something to learn from the person who lends you an umbrella on the street, to the best friend you’ve had for 10 years (and counting).

We never stop learning.


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