Mantra 9/6/2014

Upon watching the film ‘Into the Wild’ last night (for only the second time in my life), I am still moved and inspired by the movie/story/life of Chris McCandless. There are some aspects of what he did that I wish, or hope, one day that I can do. Although I would never go to the extent he does, but it would be amazing to leave everything behind and just get lost out in the wild. Not sure I could handle the cold though, I would need to get lost in a tropical jungle or something, but the same idea is still there. And ideally I would like to go on a journey with someone who has similar thoughts and attitudes as me, because as Chris/Alexander Supertramp states “happiness is only real when shared”. In a lot of ways I truly believe and understand this statement at the moment.

Anyway, that’s not what this weeks mantra is about. It is about having and giving myself the ability to inspire myself to get out there and do what makes me happy, see the world, go on adventures, find like-minded and kind people to share my life with. So from that:

“I find inspiration within myself”

I wish a good week to all and that you all find inspirations within yourselves too ✌

NB: Oh, and if you haven’t seen the movie…I suggest you check it out.


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