Why I’m not making a bucket list

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I assume a lot of people have some form of ‘bucket list’ these days, whether it be scribbled on paper, loose thoughts in their mind, or a meticulously organised numbered spreadsheet and items crossed off by one by as they are completed.

I used to have a bit of a mental bucket list, and I guess to some extent I still do, however I’ve decided that I’m not going to ‘live by it’. While of course I still want to do numerous ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of things like; go to India during the Holi festival, have kids, drive around Australia, skydive; you get the picture, I don’t want to have these things on a ‘must do’ list, because life (well, certainly MY life) doesn’t work like that. Opportunities come, and go, sometimes they come again, sometimes they might not. Life is unpredictable to a large extent (I read somewhere the other day saying that life is predictable when you focus on what you want), but it is unpredictable and sometimes you miss out on doing things because of something else, but that’s no reason to regret it because whatever that other thing was, was probably something you desired more at that point in time.

I don’t want to make a list of adventures with the uncertainty of them not coming to fruition. I don’t want to be disappointed by not having a chance to do the adventures and things that I wanted to do in this lifetime. So, instead of creating a bucket list of all the things I wish to do, I’m just going to set out to say “yes” to as many opportunities of adventures as possible and do them with complete happiness and enthusiasm to make great memories for myself. And when I reflect back on my life I am fulfilled and content with all the wondrous things I did do (some I planned, some that were completely spontaneous) rather than be satisfied of ticking things off a list. I’d rather be happy with the memories I did make (whatever they may be) than be dissatisfied by only completing half (or more or less) of a planned list.


5 thoughts on “Why I’m not making a bucket list

  1. Yes! Seize the opportunities, but also create the opportunities. Go out and get them. My ‘bucket list’ let’s me do that. These are the activities and adventures I want to do. I enjoy doing them and this is what makes me happy. I don’t know what order it will come, I don’t even particularly care if I don’t cross it all off either. But having something to work towards, ah well this gives me purpose. This gives me something to actually live for. For without purpose, what am I?

    • This is true. As long as we don’t place too much importance on the focus of completing it. Just let whatever comes, come πŸ™‚

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