Words…and how you take them

Writing is a very interesting thing because it can be taken so completely out of context and sometimes the people who read it can take one little thing the complete opposite way that you are trying to say. Even if you repeat it and state it so clearly that your fingers hurt!

For example…I can sit here and say that I’m all for forgiving and peace and love – which I am – and then I can say that I’ve forgiven and made peace with the people who have hurt me, but I am just letting them go because I don’t need those sorts of negative and hurtful people in my life. But I’m doing it in a peaceful, cleansing way. Not in a vengeful, angry way…yet I’m being called a delusional hypocrite? Really? Tell me how that is so?

Gah. People need to get off their high horses and realise there are bigger things in life, bigger problems and bigger blessings out there. Keep viewing life and situations in a peaceful and positive way and great things will come your way πŸ™‚


One thought on “Words…and how you take them

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