Spirit Guide? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

I saw a spiritual healer today who gave me a reading and a healing. During the session I had with her, she was constantly communicating with my spirit guide/s whom I’ve always wanted to try to get in contact with. She told me my ‘homework’ was to begin meditating every day for about 15 minutes and to ask for my spirit guides to show me what I need to see or to know.

After coming home and deciding to research ways on meeting my spirit guides, I came across this website that has a bunch of great information and inspiration on guiding me into the paths of life that I want to delve more into. I’ve only just skimmed the surface of Erin Pavlina‘s site, but there is some fantastic stuff on there, even a link to her husband’s podcast in which they discuss what lucid dreaming is and how to achieve it! (Something that I’ve been really keen to find more about the last few weeks – but that’s a whole other ballgame.) Anyway, one of her blogs in particular really caught my attention, and she explains the fact of ‘not being able to save anyone’ so perfectly. I’ve had a lot of trouble with wanting to save people over my years (click to read an old post on it), but reading Erin’s blog postΒ puts it into perspective a whole lot better.

I’m really intrigued to read more from her and also to hopefully meet my spirit guides soon enough so they can help me along my journey.


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