A rhyme for the sensitive child

This poem is titled for the ‘sensitive child’, whereas I think it is relevant for all people.

Rhyme for the Sensitive Child
Jen Reich

‘Don’t take things so personal’
You hear them say
But child I know
You don’t see it that way-
For I know that you feel
Deep like the sea
And when you are hurt
You long to be free from this world-
Yet I’m here to tell you
From the wisdom of years
From trying to fit in
And hiding my tears-
That you are so
That the gifts that you bring
Make this world better
And if Mother Earth wrote
She’d write you a letter of love…
For you rise above injustice
You rise above hate
You speak up for fairness
With all you create-
So I know it is painful
To be you at stages
I know you seek meaning
Like words on blank pages
Yet I’m here to tell you
You’ll find what you seek
And your sensitive soul
Makes you stronger, not weak-
So be brave young friend
And let your light shine
Look in the mirror
And see the Divine within-
For then you’ll begin
To live from the soul
Break open the heart
And mend the hole… story
Beginning, middle, and start
The art of the matter
Away from the chatter
And into deep peace-
So release all your hurt
Send it into the Earth
Let go the old
So the new can give birth
For this is my reason
To leave you this rhyme
To tell you you’re needed
And now is your time~

*I fixed a minor spelling error


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