Don’t judge a book by the young couple with a child

I went to dinner with my housemates last night, and while we were on the way and had stopped at some traffic lights, a young couple with a pram and baby crossed in front of us.

My housemate (who was driving) looked at them and sighed:

HM: “why can’t that be me? why can’t my life be simple and perfect?”

Me: “who says their life is simple and perfect? you don’t know what they’ve been through and what difficulties they have faced to be where they are now”

I want to stress two things here.

1. never judge someone’s life on what it may look like on the outside to you

2. never compare your life to another’s

Now, let’s talk about them in detail.

1. We have no right to judge someone’s life by what we think we know about them. Sure, this young couple had a little baby which other people dream of having, but to think that their life is perfect and simple because they have a child, is a gross misinterpretation. No one’s life is perfect, no one’s life is simple. We have all been through our own and different battles. Everyone’s life differs to that of the next person in many ways, some which we may never understand. But that’s ok, because we’re not meant to understand everyone else’s lives or their struggles.

2. It quite upset me that she (my housemate) keeps comparing her life to others. We should never compare what we have to what others have, because there will always be people who are better and worse off than us. My housemate is 28, has a good job, owns her own home and car, is getting married next month, has a family that supports her and gets dinner on her plate every day and night (probably more but I don’t know a whole deal about her to be honest). Now aren’t these some “things” that other people would long for? I think we all need to give up complaining a lot more and start being grateful for what we do have. Because, the fact that I am able to sit here and write about this, means that I have a greater privilege than so many other people in the world. Embrace what you have, be grateful for the things you have whether or not they are more or less than your neighbour…they are not comparable. Because all our situations and “things” are catered to suit our lives.

I’m not perfect by a long shot, sure I complain from time to time about petty little things, but afterwards I realise how selfish I have been. So I’m going to try to be the best person I can be and to stop complaining. This also leads to the idea of manifestation…but that’s a whole other ballgame blog post.

Learn to love yourself first. Love your flaws and imperfections, because we are all awesomely divine beings. And when in doubt, always be kind πŸ™‚


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