I love my brother. He is one of the greatest people in my life and has been probably one of the biggest influencers as well. Over the past weekend where he spontaneously came down to visit, we had many conversations about anything, everything and nothing in between. I can’t remember what exactly we were talking about at this point, but this was the part of the conversation I remembered.

Brother: sometimes you have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

Me: sometimes.

He knows me too well! While I do talk some fairly decent, intriguing stuff, other times, I get so muddled up and lost with what I’m talking about, he just looks at me, shakes his head and smiles at such mumbo jumbo that goes on in my brain (and hence, comes out my mouth).

But you know the best part? I don’t care. I just laugh with him. And neither of us take anything to heart.

1935952_192340990680_2866844_n   1935952_192340880680_2077913_n   1935952_192341195680_2173978_n

We are team useless.

(These photos were taken almost exactly 5 years ago)


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