Doing my bit

to spread the word.

Please, please, PLEASE watch this video. It is less than 10 minutes of your day but can change the way you see the world. This is NOT the video about Brittany Maynard, it’s about Freelee’s response to Brittany’s video and how we can all turn our lives around – not just those affected by cancer.

I won’t say too much because the video says it all, but I really do encourage you to listen carefully to what these people are saying about the cancer industry and the effect that food/diet has on our bodies…and essentially our lives!

And remember, doctors are not nutritionists.

Peace out lovers ✌


2 thoughts on “Doing my bit

  1. its amazing what power people give other people IF they wear a white doctor’s smock. It’s also amazing how RARE it is, for one person to be able to know everything that another is feeling or weighing in their mind, or not to try to say “what is right for them.”
    I know that my wife was given a three to five year “survival” from a disease and it’s now been 18 years!!! screw the doctors, don’t get me started. each person is a force, their very own force, not to be contained by ANYONE elses opinion. thanks for posting the video and causing people to stop and think!! namaste, mikey

    • You’re welcome and great news about your wife! People need to listen to their bodies more rather than the doctors. Hopefully this opens people’s eyes a bit more.

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