Melbourne (Australia) families…? Are you there?

Hi all, this is a quick post to see if I have any Melbourne (or Victorian) readers out there and if you’re interested in a little bit (or BIG bit) of cultural diversity! (Or if you know any Melbournians that would be interested). I have recently become involved with a company called Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (with whom I did an exchange myself a number of years ago) and they are on the hunt for families to host exchange students down here. They/we are always looking for families, and especially right now we’re looking for people to host Japanese leadership students that are arriving in February 2015. So if this sounds like you, please read on.

Host families come in all ranges of shapes and sizes, and just because you have no kids for example, doesn’t mean you can’t apply. Here is a brief list of the qualities that we’re looking for in a host family:

  • Interested in international culture and gaining a new family member
  • Families that value togetherness, friendship, sharing and understanding
  • City, country, own kids or no kids, retirees or young families, anyone can apply to become a volunteer host family
  • A good sense of humor and flexible with a willingness to share your life

To find out more on becoming a host family, go to their websiteΒΒ or contact me for further information on how you can get involved – even if you’re a teacher at a school that is interested in having exchange students within your school.

Like I said I am a past exchangie from my high school years (oh so long ago!) but I can offer info on some types of things to expect about getting involved with this sort of opportunity because it really is life changing in so many ways.

Okie dokie, I hope you all take the time to consider this and if you’re from another country and want to know more about becoming a host or an exchange student yourself, check this company out.

(Sorry for the plug but I just had to do it because I’m really keen and passionate about cultural diversity and bridging the gap, so please, get on board and help some kids out who are needing families)


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