Recharing the old batteries

I’ve been meaning to get out to my friend’s place for a visit for a while now, and this weekend I finally got around to doing it. I hadn’t been to her (and her partner’s) place since I first moved down to Melbourne when it was freezing and foggy every day, so this weekend was magical. They live about an hour out of the city, on a property that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

So Friday afternoon rolled around and I packed a bag, threw it in my car and sped off up the highway. The sun was out, the windows were down and the music was loud! Just the way I like it all. I got out to their place and immediately felt relaxed and at ease. Despite having three pieces of assessment due this week I just needed to get out of suburbia and enter country life for the weekend. I took my work with me and did dribs and drabs over the weekend, but I’m not too stressed at not getting a great deal done.

I slept through the night on Friday, something that I haven’t done for at least a few weeks, so that was really good. Without getting into too much detail about what I did on my weekend, I’ll just say that another friend joined us on Saturday and we had a lot of chats, laughs, drinks, and food. The perfect remedy for an intense next few weeks for the lot of us really. We all needed a bit of a break to forget about the mundane sides of our lives and to remember the best things in life.

I’ve come home exhausted, but relaxed and somewhat ready for the week ahead (and dear god I can’t wait until this week is over).



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