Kevin DeHeaven

This daily prompt was inspired by none other than yours truly. My reasons for submitting this as a daily prompt was due to my brother having an imaginary friend when we were kids, and in my more recent years it got me wondering if whether or not he actually saw someone, like a ghost or spirit which became his imaginary friend. When I questioned him about it, he gave a bit of a half-ass answer to what I was after. He said he didn’t really remember seeing a spirit or anything, but just that he got caught talking to himself more than the average kid, so he just decided to make up that he was talking to someone – someone who was named Kevin. Kevin DeHeaven. (I am unsure of spelling due to the nature of this story.)

I still wonder though if he did actually see and talk to someone who his grown self doesn’t remember. I think children have a deeper sense of intuition that we lose as we grow older, or that we are conditioned to ‘disbelieve’ in the afterlife and things like that. Countless stories emerge about reincarnation and ghosts etc through the eyes of a child, and I have written about reincarnation before, but it is ridiculously uncanny how some children get the stories of their past lives so on the ball that it can’t NOT be true.

Anyway, it just made me curious to know if anyone out there had imaginary friends and where they came from, and where they ended up as you grew older…? In some ways I wish I had an imaginary friend when I was a child. But instead, I just pretended the flowers on the bush outside my window were fairy houses.


5 thoughts on “Kevin DeHeaven

  1. I loved your prompt and I wonder the same things about children and their ability to still connect to the “in between” lives. Lifetime has a series called The Ghost Within My Child. I love watching that because of the stories and children tell and things they know which they couldn’t possibly know otherwise if they hadn’t lived those lives.

    Anyway, thanks for a great prompt! πŸ˜€

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