Essay writing detour

I’m in the middle of writing an essay – and by in the middle I mean close to finishing – yay! And I need a bit of a break to rejoice in the fact that the semester – and more importantly – the year is almost over!

I’m not quite finished uni just yet, but near enough is good enough for me! I’m really quite surprised with how I’ve managed to survive this semester in all honesty. I mean, don’t get me wrong I haven’t been knocking on death’s door, but it also hasn’t been an easy journey in any way shape or form over the past 6-12 months. There has been a lot of ups and many more downs, and I had some particularly terrible days that I just wanted life to end (figuratively). But I let the emotions come and go, then I picked myself back up, wiped away the tears and kept trudging through and I made it out the other end alive. (Well, almost. I’m not quite there yet as I have an essay due tomorrow, one next Friday and then an exam on the 19th). However, I am feeling rather good about it at the moment. Despite not having started my second essay yet, nor done any study for my exam, I think I will be ok. I can feel it in my bones.

Now I just need to keep the minimum positivity I have left in me to hope that I pass everything! So far I’m doing pretty well though (from the results I have gotten anyway), so that’s a major bonus. And then I’m freeeeeee as a bird! Well, until early March next year. I have a few things ‘planned’ for my summer break, but apart from those, I’ll probably be aiming to move house, find a more decent paying job, and hopefully be spending a lot of time at the beach or hiking up mountains! Woohoo!! I’m getting pumped.

Ok, I should get back and finish tweaking my essay.

Cheerio lovely lovers


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