Why can’t we be friends?

I’m really super duper, UBER curious to know people’s thoughts on this.

Edited: Can men and women be close friends?

Almost every movie there is out there says that members of the opposite sex can’t be friends. For the majority of my life I have detested this and believe that I can be friends with guys without any feelings getting in from either end. Am I wrong?

Although in saying that I’m not really your typical girl…but still. That shouldn’t really matter.

Or maybe that does matter. These “movies” are just that…movies. Not real life.

Thoughts on real life. Can men and women be close or best friends without any sexual attachment or feelings?

Please comment with your thoughts.

If not…I will just be left to ponder my own thoughts on this topic.

But it’s human nature to be sexually attracted to other people. Gah this is too complicated because now my brain is ticking about nature and nurture issues about gender and sexuality. Damn anthropology brain taking hold.


7 thoughts on “Why can’t we be friends?

  1. That’s a tricky one. I think…Yes you can be friends… if absolutely no part of you has any attraction to them at all – and vice versa. I am friends with a guy, who I am super close with but have no romantic feelings for him at all nor do I find him attractive. He has no romantic feelings for me either BUT he finds me attractive and doesn’t so much want to date me but have sex with me, he’s admitted that much and he’s started asking me “hypothetical” questions which I just can’t answer. It is really awkward now. I have a lot of guy friends, but we are not close (or as close as I am with this guy) and therefore we have no issues. Does that make any sense…

      • Haha! I don’t think men and women can be close friends if they are attracted to each other. In my experience, it’s just never going to happen. You will either date them, it will be ruined if you say otherwise, or you will seriously struggle to fight the attraction because you will always be wondering about being closer. It just gets messy. If you date them and end up breaking up, it’s really hard to be as close as you once were especially if they get a partner. They tend to shy away from hanging out with you because they have a new close friend – in fact their best friend. It’s the sad reality.

      • Booooo 😦
        Can you be close without being attracted to one another? I guess probably not.
        I’m not sure if I want to prove this wrong or that deep down I know it’s the truth.
        Maybe both? Haha. The things I do and think about to procrastinate.

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  3. No you can’t be friends. Once you have already had a sexual relationship it doesn’t work. Friends don’t have sexual encounters. If you have never had a sexual relationship then yes guys and girls can be really close friends.

    • I see what you mean but I think it is possible. Maybe it just depends on the people and their attitudes about the situation and whether or not the friendship is important that it overrules previous sexual encounters.
      I never mentioned having a sexual relationship at any point though. Just curious if men and women can be close friends without sexual feelings or emotions getting involved.

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