Music = Emotions

Bob Marley once said

“One good thing about music is, when it hits you feel no pain”

But I don’t believe that. I mean no disrespect to old Bob, I admire him and his music inside and out. But this line…I don’t. Music is such an emotional tool for me and it makes me feel so many different emotions; sometimes all at the same time! There are plenty that make me feel happy and alive, there are few that make me feel scared and creeped out, then there are some that just break me wide open and all tears, sadness and depression just oozes out.

Like the night I wrote about back in February, last night I heard two songs in particular that broke me.

I don’t want to go into detail about my night, nor do I want to try to explain it. BUT, I will tell you what those songs were. And so that I have future reference for myself someday.

Last night there were only two songs, but I’m sure there could have been plenty more had I have given some the chance. Anyway, the ones that set me off last night, coincidentally the artists have the same first name. I wonder if that means anything.

Another Love by Tom Odell

It’s Ok by Tom Rosenthal


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