The glitz and glamour of the Melbourne Cup*

*Please note, this is sarcasm.

“The race that stops the nation.” 

Now that I reside in Melbourne, I, like every other Victorian, had the day off due to today’s big race. So, while I spent most of my day reading books and writing my essay, I was also drawn to the horror that is the reality of horse racing.

While the majority of Australia was sipping down beers and champagne and cheering on those poor animals that were forced to race, I was watching this video. (That being said, there were 2 deaths in the official Melbourne Cup today which has been brought to the general public’s attention – and yes, what a tragedy that these 2 died – however, what about all the other horses that we are oblivious to who get killed if they aren’t good enough to race??)

Please watch this video and then consider where your money went today if you did in fact bet on a horse or had any sort of part in continuing this horrible tradition. I’m not even a big horse fan (for personal reasons) but this video still really breaks my heart.

Warning: This is rather graphic, and also completely upsetting. But please sit through it (even if you just listen and not watch), as it’s a really good message to open our eyes to what we’d rather avoid for our own selfish reasons.

Ironically, the link is “forbidden”. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or if there are people out there that are trying to stop this message getting out. If there are people banning this information – FUCK YOU.

Either way… there’s plenty more avenues to inform people of this reality. This site hasn’t been updated from last year but that doesn’t change what’s been going on for years, and will continue if nothing is done about it


26 thoughts on “The glitz and glamour of the Melbourne Cup*

    • Reality? Human beings think they are superior to all animals and that money is more important than love and compassion.
      And I’m glad it made you cry – it means you’ve got a heart and soul.

    • And no, it’s not ok. But it’s because the majority of the world doesn’t know what goes on behind the scenes that makes these asshats think they can get away with it.

  1. Like I said liv, it’s like comparing christmas to the road death toll. One of those horses died because it got frightened from a kid waving a flag. Should we just ban kids from being at any event now. Where do you draw the line? Should we just not enjoy anything ever because there’s something or someone who could get injured? Let’s not get in cars and drive to work because the emissions are killing the environment. Let’s never get in planes and see the world because that’s causing harm to the environment. Let’s not celebrate Christmas because people die on roads. Let’s just stop enjoying anything ever because they’re arguments of someone getting injured or possibly Dying. Dying, as I see it, is a part of life. Whether or not you try to peacefully ignore it or politely protest it. People die. Animals die. It’s the cycle of life. Sometimes it’s horrific, sometimes it’s peaceful. It is what it is. Horses gallop. Horses jump. Horses will do that whether they have a jockey on them or not. And then sometimes they get injured and sometimes they die. Whether it’s sport or not. It’s the cycle of life. If you guilted people out of everything, then nobody would do anything and we’d just sit around barely drinking water to survive. There’s no line here. And that annoys me. But that’s just my personal opinion and I respect everybody’s right to agree or disagree.

    • I take it you didn’t watch the video? I’m not talking about the ones that died during/after the race. I’m talking about all the others that are treated poorly and killed simply because they’re not good enough to race. That to me is unfair. Death is a fact of life – yes. But that doesn’t give people the right to kill animals if they serve them no financial purpose.

    • I don’t know how Christmas or road death tolls have anything to do with what Olivia is trying to point out. I don’t believe horses have any contribution towards people passing away in car accidents(unless you live in a Amish community) and they certainly don’t participate in the Christmas holidays.

      Your whole way of thinking is out-dated and lacks compassion. Sure enjoy life but do it in a way that is harmonious to the earth and yes that means animals as well. Go to the beach, go for a bush walk, go run a damn race yourself if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. Though forcing an animal, who quite clearly has a consciousness to participate in an event, against their own will is not the way and should not be! You refer to horses as “someone”, as if those poor animals have free will? Just because we can dominate a species doesn’t make it ok, slavery, it’s exactly the same case, don’t be fooled into thinking that what is going on isn’t genocide.

      “Dying, as I see it, is a part of life. Whether or not you try to peacefully ignore it or politely protest it. People die. Animals die. It’s the cycle of life.” Haha, the cycle of life, are you that short sighted to realise horse racing isn’t a cycle of life or do you include human entertainment as a part of that cycle.

  2. I did watch the video actually. You have a problem with animals dying but one of the reasons for one of those animals dying was that a child waved a flag. To ignore that fact, is ignoring the cause of death which I believe is relevant to the argument. Again, another fault to the argument, not all horses that aren’t good enough to race get put down. Those who are severely injured where it is more humane rather than leave them alive in pain do. Another fault to the argument, some horses who can’t race anymore simply go on to breed more horses, they aren’t just put down. The video is biased in that it simply shows one facet to a multi-faceted argument and it’s like the media only showing one third of any entire story to make their case. It annoys me. Without having the whole story you’re simply just putting out a truth that suits you. That isn’t being educated. That’s being sucked in by blatant laziness to educate yourself with the entire argument. This is what annoys me with life. Education shouldn’t be simply on what suits your argument but rather show the facts. Some cases, it is correct. No denying that, but in all cases, there’s circumstances to the story that prove relevant and in disagreement to what the video shows.

    • My problem isn’t with animals dying, it’s animals being killed. There’s a difference. And I never claimed to know all the facts – about anything – but this is still a side that no one thinks about or considers.

  3. It is if you’re discussing horses dying in relation to the melbourne cup. It is relevant liv. That’s how the second horse died. A child waved a flag and the horse jumped a barrier and injured himself in the process. You made the connection between ” the glitz and glamour of the melbourne cup” and how sad it was two horses died and to not take into account HOW those horses died but still use it in the argument of horses being “killed” isn’t a fair justification. Neither are ignoring the facts. That video is horrifying in the way that some horses are killed. But to claim the melbourne cup as an example in your argument and then place that video along side of that along with all horse racing I believe isn’t fair. I believe your cause in stopping animal cruelty may be noble, but your reasoning doesn’t support the argument.

    • I wasn’t talking about those two being killed. I just think it’s a bit of an outrage that people are upset by those two dying yet fail to see the others that are being killed. Does that make sense?
      Yes horses are being killed which relates to the Melbourne Cup…the ones that aren’t of quality to race. That is my argument.
      But, as we all know I’m shit at arguing. And as I said I don’t claim to know all the facts, but the point stands to me if animals are being killed unjustly that is not fair.

  4. HoodieHoo.

    I don’t lack compassion because a video doesn’t make me cry. The christmas story is using an analogy for a previous comment in a separate piece that you aren’t aware of.
    So you’re arguing again without knowing the facts. Olivia does know the facts here and can see how the analogy is relevant.

    The fact that I can leave emotion out of an argument doesn’t make me out of date or lacking compassion. It makes me not gullible or susceptible to certain tricks used to evoke emotion to distort from the fact that there are other relevant items in play that are being ignored. I like to educate myself before letting emotion persuade from certain truths. Like I said, I love her nobility in standing up for animal cruelty, it’s the way that it has gone about it that I don’t agree with. You can insult me all you like, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I displayed in my argument. It just points out your inability to separate emotion from facts. May be better to agree to disagree respectfully here.

  5. Yes, what you’re saying does make sense. You’re about animal cruelty. I get that. What I don’t get is the timing of people being about animal cruelty because two animals died. My argument is you must take into account how those two particular animals died before waving the flag of animal cruelty. The second horse I believe was humanely put to death after being injured. I think the confusion lies in arguing about two different things.

  6. I was actually referring to your out-dated way of thinking and not being able to see the bigger picture behind the video.
    Sure I get emotional and for good reason, because people like you argue a point which stands against morals and what should be a cause for the greater good of society and the earth we inhabit. Please let me know at what information is being left out here as I’m quite certain that everything that needs to be said has been said, horses are dying just for the sake of one nation’s enjoyment. Who cares about what percentage it is or how the horses die, it is the fact they are dying at all.

    I’m sorry to say it but from the sounds of it and from my point of view, anyone who doesn’t have a problem with humans having a direct influence to any creature being injured or killed doesn’t have compassion. You don’t have to cry to be compassionate.

  7. I don’t think there is a right or wrong time to wave any flag, if it’s for a good cause who cares to when you raise an issue. Sometimes we need to be shown these sorts of things to be able to realise and address certain things.

  8. I’m not sure you know me at all to comment on my way of thinking. Purely because I disagree with a complete stranger on a blog regarding my view on a video doesn’t give a slight insight in to my thought process at all. Just because I’m not one to believe in sharing a video to make a difference doesn’t make me not compassionate either. You would be none the wiser on my stance on any issue. I was simply commenting to a friend, like I would normally do in person, on our different view of things. She understands where I am coming from as she knows me. She knows me well enough to know what I am saying without having to hear me say it. We have agreed to disagree on many a things and still remained the closest of friends. I think you’re taking what I’m saying as a context to you when it’s meant to be for her. So in this case, I’m going to refrain from commenting to you at all, and go back to just reading my friend’s thoughts on a day to day basis and leave my comments for her to interpret. May the rest of the week be kind to you stranger.

      • I shun the both of you for not taking this issue seriously!
        It is the internet though and what ever you post does have the chance of being criticised and challenged. From what I read in your comments it sounded as if you weren’t listening to what the video was trying to put forward but I shall leave it be as I hear what you are saying.
        Your eloquent words and verses are too much for my lack writing.

      • I take it seriously, but there are always three sides to every story. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and I let people believe what they want to so I expect that same respect in return. I don’t believe in killing animals full stop (unless there is absolute reason – i.e pain, disease etc). I don’t like people saying my beliefs are wrong, so I wouldn’t say that to another. I only try to voice my opinion on matters that make me sad for these animals.

  9. I like that you think our words are eloquent. High praises. Thank you. And I assure you Olivia is very serious on her stance of peace and love to all animal and humans alike. I may not share all of her views but I can most certainly concur her nobility in being against animal cruelty and to tackling issues that genuinely matter to her. I like to comment on things from time to time so she knows that her words matter. And that no matter how bad her day is sometimes, someone is always listening. Hopefully that provides more comfort. Although I may disagree with things, that doesn’t make her stance on the issue any less genuine than what you may believe yours to be. Just because she be tolerant of others who don’t share the same view, doesn’t make hers any less sincere. I hope you know that.

    • Thank you from the deepest point of my heart! I am truly grateful, and will of course accept any good news and gratitude. I won’t however pass it on at this point in time though as I forwarded on this very award after a previous nomination only a few months ago.
      The inspiration is reciprocated and I look forward to more interesting posts, and will check out your other nominees too as I’m sure they are worthy of this honour.

      • Completely understand! I look forward to your posts! Still well deserved but understand your need to pass… Just thinking of you x

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