Gah! Quick rant.

Why are Melbourne (Victorian perhaps?) people so impatient?! Ok, so that’s a generalisation, yes. But since I’ve been here (all of about 4-5 months), I’ve seen way more than my fair share of people run red lights, start making a move before the lights turn green, even to the point where they beep at me for not going soon enough!

I was driving home this afternoon and I was sitting at the front of the lights, and as soon as the light went green, the lady behind me beeped at me to go. I’m not even joking when I say, she beeped literally half a second after it turned green, sure I wasn’t already moving because the green HAD JUST turned green, but it’s not like I was waiting there for more than 3-5 seconds or anything, I was just about to go. I think her impatience was very unnecessary.

And the worst part is, that is probably the 2nd or 3rd time it has happened to me. WHY!

People need to take a chill pill!

Ok, thanks, bye πŸ™‚


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